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Many boat owners and marinas install salt water neutralizers  in marine engines to prevent corrosion and growth in the engine. Unfortunately, in the process of installing or removing salt water neutralizers there is often spillage and dumping of these  fluids into the sewer system, storm drains, or even directly into our waterways.

With The Sea-Flush System, boat owners and marina operators can safely collect 99 % of the  salt water neutralizers in the boat engine and can re-use that product. In addition, the process of installing or removing the fluid with The Sea-Flush System takes only minutes and eliminates the need to work deep in the engine compartment.

The Sea-Flush System is a kit that is installed once and used for the rest of the boat’s life.

The Sea-Flush System will also remove sand and rust from the cooling system of the marine engine. Regular flushing of the engine is now very simple and quick.

At today’s cost of flushing a marine engine, The Sea-Flush System will have a pay back in less than two years. No need for an appointment at the marina, just do-it-your-self at your convenience, which will extend your engine life.



please note that the sea-flush system is the same as the winterizer system – thewinterizer.com