The Sea-Flush System

The solution for easy flushing of seawater

• the FAST & EASY way to FLUSH seawater from a marine engine
• installs salt neutralizers 
• removes seawater, sand and rust particles
• unbelievably fast - flush two V8's in less than 10 minutes
• no more crawling around the engine room

After years of flushing marine engines for storage, we have developed an innovative way that will revolutionize the flushing of an inboard marine engine. The SEA-FLUSH System reduces the time to remove seawater from marine engine systems, making this process faster and easier.

The purpose of flushing a marine engine is to protect the engine block, exhaust manifolds and coolers from growth, rust and corrosion from trapped saltwater in the cooling system.

When utilizing
The SEA-FLUSH System to remove this water from both sides of the engine block, both exhaust manifolds and oil cooler on a typical V8 engine, this process will take the user LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES, removing trapped water very quickly and efficiently. As well, some boat owners also install salt neultralizers when flushing to reduce internal growth, rust and corrosion that can happen over the storage. 


Due to the designs of boats and where they put the engine drains, this task of flushing seawater is not easy – until now.

The SEA-FLUSH System will easily remove the seawater from single cylinder engines, multi cylinder engines, gas or diesel. The SEA-FLUSH System will also keep your engine block and manifolds free of sand and debris when used on a regular basis. The SEA-FLUSH System can also be used to remove the bilge water that the bilge pump cannot remove, this means a dryer bilge that doesn't smell.

The SEA-FLUSH System will make your boat maintenance faster and easy. Made with only the highest quality of materials to meet the high quality that marine equipment demands. The newest and strongest plastics that will not scratch, fittings that will last a lifetime, and hoses that meet marine quality.

Please Note
The SEA-FLUSH System is the same system as the The Winterizer, a system for boat owners that want to remove water and coolants from their marine engine in preparation for winter storage. Please visit